World premiere! Ranger to Ranger


World premiere! Ranger to Ranger is a heart-warming documentary film that follows the epic journey of acclaimed Indigenous musician Dan Sultan and a group of Indigenous Australian Rangers as they travel to Kenya, Africa, to share knowledge, culture and music with a tribe of Maasai Community Rangers.

The nine Indigenous Australians are Martu, Kimberley and Jawoyn Rangers from both Western Australia and Northern Territory. These Rangers came together in Perth, never having met each other before, and joined with Dan Sultan, who is a Gurindji and Eastern Arente man from the Northern Territory, to embark on this unlikely journey to Africa with The Thin Green Line Foundation.

The purpose of this program is to bring together two groups of people that in some ways are incredibly different, yet in many ways have a lot of things in common, least of which is a deep connection to land and country. The foundation of this journey is exchange. It’s about sharing experiences and information. It’s about exploring and learning from the differences. And it’s about celebrating those things that the same.

“At The Thin Green Line Foundation we believe in the power of collaboration and exchange to achieve positive outcomes from wildlife and wild places. To bring together Indigenous Rangers from Africa and Australia, and to take this journey and see it through the eyes of Dan Sultan, is an experience that will have lasting positive impact,” says Sean Willmore, Founder of The Thin Green Line Foundation.

Together with AFI Award winning writer and filmmaker Rhys Graham of Daybreak Films, The Thin Green Line Foundation is proud to launch the world premiere, telling this story and the often-untold stories of Rangers worldwide.

The Indigenous Ranger Exchange is a program of global Ranger organisation, The Thin Green Line Foundation.

This wonderful world premiere film will be showing in Hobart (Sep 9), Adelaide (Sep 13), Merricks (Sep 14) Werribee (Sep 15), Darwin (Sep 16), Katherine Gorge (Sep 17), Sydney (Sep 22), Byron Bay (Sep 23), Perth (Oct 6).

The premieres will also feature a Q&A session with head Maasai Ranger Joseph Kotoke and Thin Green Line Foundation Founder, Sean Willmore.

The Thin Green Line Foundation

Rangers risk and often lose their lives in the line of duty. The Thin Green Line Foundation is the only global organisation solely dedicated to providing these heroes with equipment, training and critical care in the field.

As the charity arm of the International Ranger Federation, our mission is to ensure that the people tasked with defending the world’s wildlife and wild places – the Rangers – are given the support they need. And in the case of a Ranger losing his or her life in the line of duty, we aim to provide emergency financial lifelines to the families of the fallen.

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