Sttoke Reusable Cup launches in Melbourne


Reusable, lightweight and entirely shatterproof, the ceramic lined Sttoke Reusable Cup has arrived to redefine the coffee drinking culture as we know it.

Crafted from the highest quality food grade 304 stainless steel, lined with GREBLON ceramic and premium exterior coating, the Sttoke Reusable Cup is the latest innovation to enter the coffee scene and set to launch exclusively in the city that prides itself on coffee, Melbourne, in May 2018.

Unlike other reusable coffee cups, Sttoke is coated inside with a water based, GREBLON ceramic made through German engineered technology and designed for durability and easy maintenance. The ceramic interior ensures each coffee tastes its best, presenting coffee lovers with a reusable cup alternative that doesn’t compromise the flavour of each brew or contribute to the colossal build-up of coffee cup waste.

Appreciating the subtle pleasures of drinking coffee, Sttoke combines double wall insulation guaranteed to keep coffee warm for up to three hours, a spill-proof lid for when you’re on the go and a premium matte coating on the exterior for firm holding and pouring grip.

Standing tall at 11.4cm, and weighing only 183g with the capacity of 8oz, the stylish Sttoke Reusable Cup is easy to take wherever you go and another step forward in bridging the coffee experience gap from bean to cup.

The unassuming packaging of this beautiful, sleek reusable cup is echoed by the simplicity of its inception: to inspire the same respect and perpetual appreciation for coffee seen in Melbourne, across the globe.

From April 30 – May 4, 2018, Sttoke will be giving limited customers a voucher for 3 cups of coffee upon the purchase of their brand new Sttoke cup. From May 7 – May 11 customers who purchase a cup will receive one cup of coffee on Sttoke.

Priced at $39.00 and available nationally from May 2018 via, with pre-orders open now until April 29, the reusable cup is the start of a revolutionary way to drink and taste coffee, one cup at a time.

Check the website for further details.

Distribution of Sttoke Australia is represented by Casa Espresso Pty Ltd. For enquiries, kindly contact us or (03) 9530 8992.

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