States go head-to-head in search of Australia’s best water


If it’s not football, beer or cricket in their sights, Australians are quick to claim their state has the best tap water in Australia.
This year, the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) will host the 3rd Ixom Best Tap Water in Australia competition, putting the interstate rivalry to the ultimate test.

Over the coming months, water authorities from various regional and metropolitan areas will participate in state heats where water samples will be judged on qualities like colour, clarity, odour and taste during blind taste tests.
The top drop from each state will be announced throughout the year, before the winners battle it out for the definitive prize during National Water Week in Launceston, Tasmania, nearby to Barrington where last year’s winning sample was taken.

The winner of the Ixom 2017 Best Tap Water in Australia competition will have bragging rights for the next 12 months and will go on to represent Australia at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition held in West Virginia, USA.
While the competition itself is all in the spirit of good fun there is a meaningful undertone to it, recognising the hard work of those who ensure safe, clean drinking water is available to us, every day.
“Members of the general public would probably be surprised to learn the complexities involved in delivering high-quality water to our taps each day,” says Craig Mathisen, WIOA Chief Operations Officer.

“The competition is a testament to the excellent quality of Australian water and to the diligence and commitment of the operational employees who deliver it to our communities. “Many of us turn on taps for a drink, to cook and shower, with little consideration of what it takes to operate and maintain the water infrastructure.
“We want to celebrate our unsung heroes – the water operators and the maintenance crews who work all year-round to ensure we have high quality water, which is essential to keep us alive,” he
Stephen Rasdell, Ixom’s General Manager of Water, said that Ixom is delighted to be a part of the taste test.

“We have been involved in Australian water treatment for some 80 years and are incredibly proud of the work being done in this space. We’re thrilled to be a sponsor of this event and celebrate the outstanding achievements of individuals and communities in supplying and maintaining exceptional water quality,” says Stephen Rasdell.

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