Single dad calls on the village in new shared transport and care app for children


Early school pickup, hockey practice, dance lessons…kids have a lot of places to be. For working single parent Simon Bishop, racing around trying to get his nine-year-old daughter to each activity made it impossible to be everywhere at once.

So, he developed an app to improve the lives of parents who were similarly overwhelmed, offering parents and their trusted network of family and friends the ability to arrange pickups, drop offs and temporary care of their children through one streamlined social platform called The Hug App.

Available nationally and free to download and use, The Hug App is a secure, private online community that connects parents, family members and friends in need of transport or care for their little ones. Whether its team sports, a school concert or after school pickup, the app allows users to group family and friends into any group or event type their child is involved in, before submitting a request.

The service is a complete end-to-end platform and once a parent signs up, they need only set up their profile and their child’s profile with basic information like their home and school locations.

Being the first of its kind in Australia, The Hug App puts an end to the worry of whether a parent’s child has been collected safely, with geo-location abilities enabling users to share and see where their children are at any time and multilayered security ensuring parents are only able to connect with their network of trusted contacts.

With instant response and notification technologies on Android and iOS mobile operating systems, users can also communicate and support other families and friends by offering assistance.

“As a single working parent, I share custody of my nine-year-old daughter and found it increasingly difficult to manage the daily responsibilities of transport and care for her,” said Founder of The Hug App, Simon Bishop.

“I always felt guilty for asking the same people and like most parents, would rely on the same friends and family members to help out when they could. I got fed up with the unnecessary pressure I put on them and after searching the globe for an app that could solve my requirements, I designed one myself.”

Providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience, The Hug App allows users to show their appreciation through a collection of animated ‘Bailey Bears’, named after Simon’s daughter.

“The Hug App is a technology platform that solves all the issues parents face around family management by providing forward planning that is safe, easy to use and allows you to expand your network of carers. There is no greater peace of mind than knowing your child is in safe hands with people you know and trust,” said Simon.

For more information go to An audio-visual introduction to the App can be found here, as well as a video on the safety, trust and security of the App.

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About Simon Bishop

Based in Melbourne, Simon Bishop is the proud father of nine-year-old Bailey and Founder and CEO of transaction based social support networking platform The Hug App. With over 20 years’ experience in software development, having co-founded financial planning software Coin Software in 2005 (later sold to Macquarie Bank) and Investment Administration Platform Hub24 in 2010 (ASX Listed) , Simon extended his skills to create and develop The Hug App in February of 2017.

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