Melbourne PR agenciesMedia Stunts

Similar to a media event, a media stunt is executed in an attempt to attract mass media attention and generate publicity for a client.

A media stunt must have photo or news value in order to be successful, with the objective of visually conveying a message to the target audience through a bold, unique or innovative stunt.

A stunt is described as any remarkable feat performed chiefly to attract attention, or a performance displaying a person’s skills or dexterity. Although commonly seen in action movies, public relations uses the basis of a stunt to generate hype and interest for a client in an interesting way without event content as such.

Media stunts have been used in public relations for decades, posing one of the most traditional methods of publicity to date. In 1896 William Crush staged a crash between two full-sized trains to an audience of 40,000 people in order to publicise his company “Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad”. Progressive PR and Publicity have staged media stunts that have reached new heights, from an abseiling Santa Claus to a tight-rope walker 89 floors high at the Eureka Tower.

One of the most difficult aspects of media work is controlling what is said and how it is perceived by the public. A media stunt however can control what is said to some extent, allowing the client to tell a story and convey a message through their stunt.

Given the autonomous nature of news, it is rare to have control over how something is portrayed. Therefore every stunt must be staged precisely, with the right people in attendance and the correct messages gaining attention. This is where we can help.