Media Relations & Publicity

media-relationsThe primary goal of media relations is to maximise positive coverage without paying for it directly through advertising. An example of this might include a feature in a newspaper or an interview on a radio show. However, getting the right message across to the media and ensuring it receives coverage without paid placement is somewhat more difficult. This can be achieved by implementing a number of media and communication strategies, and is where we can help.

The challenge of liaising with the media is in knowing what they want, and in helping them to present images, ideas and information accurately and fairly. This is the role of the PR agency and where our expertise lie; we make the task of covering your issues and your organisation as easy and attractive for the media as possible.

As a client looking for media coverage, you need to have a clear idea of why you want it, and what you want it to achieve. The omnipotence of media makes it a powerful and influential tool and although it doesn’t necessarily sell products, raise funds or win elections it can influence opinions by directing messages and conveying ideas to the public.  Media relations and publicity can set an agenda of issues for discussion rather than change attitudes, acting as a basis to start building relationships and public perceptions for our clients.