Melbourne PR agenciesMedia Events

A media event aims to engender news content by hosting media guests such as journalists and reporters across a number of outlets relevant to the client.

Events such as a PR launch or media activation are primarily staged to generate publicity, grabbing the attention of media without direct advertising. The event may be centred around the launch of a new product or service, an anniversary or a special announcement.

As each client is different, so is each media event. Guest lists are curated to ensure the clients target audience is reached and might include specific industry media, celebrities, national and state media.

Inviting media to an event engages them first hand with the product or service, presenting the opportunity for photos, interviews or product trials to report.

In order to achieve the best media coverage for each client, and ensure the correct messages are transmitted, it is paramount that each media event runs smoothly. PR’s role in staging media events range from ensuring the right media attend, to orchestrating photo and interview opportunities on the day. Considering today’s vast media landscape this isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Additionally, media events offer invaluable time for a client to engage with the media, making connections that cannot be achieved otherwise. It is commonly thought that media events are staged to generate quick, news-worthy coverage, however they can be utilised as a way of creating authentic news, based on credible insights from the client with the potential for ongoing media coverage.