Influencer & Blogger Engagement

Melbourne PR agenciesInfluencer marketing is one subset of the broader marketing function which also includes advertising, digital and public relations. In many ways, influencer
marketing is contemporary, digitalised, word-of-mouth marketing. It employs the use of prominent people, particularly within the social media and blogosphere to impart product/ service knowledge to their audience – perhaps the same audience you want to engage with.

It’s commonly understood that word-of-mouth advertising is most trusted among consumers. As technology and social media have continued to evolve over the past decade, new mechanisms for reaching target audiences have emerged in the form of social media influence and blogger PR.
Social media influencers span a wide range of demographics and interest groups. If well-established and well-respected, these individuals wield significant influence over their followers. Increasingly, brands are seeing the enormous potential in collaborating with influencers to better reach their target audience.
While many social media influencers may also be bloggers, the two functions are decidedly different. While social media influencers use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to deliver imagery and succinct messages, bloggers create more detailed content on webpages and can tell stories to their readership.
When working with influencers and bloggers, it’s essential to ensure that the brand and talent are well-aligned so both parties maintain credibility and personal integrity. Similarly, it’s important that influencers and bloggers are passionate about the brands they’re working with, so content has authenticity.
There are two types of influence; paid and earned. Companies must tread carefully when paying for influencer endorsements as there are laws and ethical regulations around paid partnerships. For instance, influencers and bloggers must disclose if they are being paid to discuss a product.
Earned influence can be obtained through sending bloggers and influencers a product for trial, without expectation of content in return, in the hopes they will be impressed by it and want to impart product information to their following.