Melbourne PR agenciesWhen we refer to ‘copy’ we are referring to a piece of text or written content which has been crafted with the aim to advertise. Essentially, the ‘copy’ has been written to influence decisions and behaviour in order to achieve an end target or ‘action’, whether that is securing sales, raising brand awareness or something completely different. ‘Copywriting’ is therefore the label we give to the process of creating this text.
Copy can be used on a whole host of different communication platforms from television to direct email, from websites to billboards. Today marketing communications surround us in our everyday lives. The texts we see on these communications, or the scripts we hear, are all copy.
With such a dominant and widespread presence, it is important that copy is crafted to a high standard for maximum impact. A copywriter aims to create text that encourages an audience to take a specific action to achieve the targets of the marketing communication. Copywriters consider factors such as ensuring that the copy fits with the brand image, appeals to a specific target audience and is easy to understand and quick to scan. A copywriter can work for a copywriting agency, be employed by a company, or be a freelance copywriter.
A company employs a copywriter for their copywriting services which can include creating website copy (website copywriting), copywriting to improve SEO, creating print or television ads, and the list goes on. Often copywriters can specialise in a particular area, for example, someone may be a website copywriter and therefore specialise in website copywriting, which is very different from print copywriting.