Matriarch Matchmaker says we have lost patience with love


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We live in the era of Tinder but connecting for a one night stand is not love

Regarded as the first professional matchmaker in Australia and as “The Mother of all Matchmakers,” Yvonne Allen this year celebrates four decades assisting successful, professional single men and women meet potential partners.

Over the many years, thousands of discerning clients have met that special someone through the professional mentorship and refined partner search provided by Yvonne’s relationship consultancy, Yvonne Allen & Associates.

Long before the advent of today’s dating apps and matchmaking services that focus on immediate chemistry, with her background in psychology and unparalleled experience in the art of love,  Yvonne Allen took – and continues to advocate – a measured and comprehensive approach to  those seeking that ‘special someone’.

Rather than rush into a full on relationship, she encourages singles seeking to partner to take time getting to know each other and to enjoy developing a friendship first.

“These days the focus on instant attraction and high chemistry often gets in the way of allowing a relationship to develop,” says Yvonne Allen.

“Given their ability to contact countless numbers of singles via dating sites, many who are looking for love keep repeating a disappointing cycle of one-date-only hook ups.

“Real relationships require time to develop as do the skills needed for sustaining a mutually rewarding partnership, especially given the pressures of today.

“Another problem is that instant ‘fast-love’ also exacerbates the serious social isolation phenomenon evident in an era where it is common to have hundreds of Facebook relationships but few that are face-to-face and real.

“In fact, it seems that many young people have no idea of how to develop meaningful relationships at all,” she continues.

As well as an emphasis on  the importance of friendship, Yvonne’s approach encourages those seeking a partner to really look at themselves, rather than creating mental ‘wish lists’ of what that special someone should look like and who they should be. It is for this reason that her clients usually do not view photographs before choosing to meet.

“All too often those looking for love have set ideas about what their ideal person should look or be like without asking themselves “why would the one I seek be looking for me? ” says Yvonne.


“This tends to be a very powerful question that can change a client’s entire outlook. It also helps a client become aware of their real needs and of expectations rather than ones that are unrealistic or unimportant,” she continues.

Through feedback after initial introductions, Yvonne’s consultants are in an unusual position to gain insights into reasons why a client may not be attracting the partner they seek or developing a relationship beyond a few dates.

Often a client who eventually partners with someone will say that the awareness they gained while meeting the ‘Yvonne Allen way’ made the partnership possible.

Yvonne Allen & Associates clients tend to be over 35 years of age, successful, educated and discerning.  They appreciate the confidentiality and the in-depth approach of the consultancy and the fact that Yvonne’s consultants do the searching while they enjoy the outcomes.

While her consultants use today’s technology, Yvonne Allen’s values and seemingly old-school approach remains successful. Since starting her consultancy she has become recognised in Australia and abroad not only as a matchmaker but also as a relationship mentor, speaker, futurist and social commentator.

Over the years she has also authored several books including recently mini e-books of her insights.

Yvonne Allen & Associates has two boutique consultancies located in Sydney and Melbourne and conducts searches on behalf of clients Australia–wide.

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