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Already operating in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Auckland, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur, KFit is the first in the market to have an app to complement their online platform, as well as a presence in multiple cities globally.

The platform allows members to access hundreds of fitness studios, gyms and facilities. Wherever members are located, they can try new activities at different studios, every day, at convenient locations and times, making it easier and more fun to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Having been inspired by the unexplored potential of underutilised class space as well as a consumer movement towards ‘wellness,’ serial entrepreneur Joel Neoh founded KFit in April 2015.

With KFit, users are given a flexible and affordable choice with a subscription-based sharing economy model. Rather than owning membership to a single gym or studio, subscribers ostensibly share membership in hundreds of facilities.

“We believe that by helping consumers integrate fitness into their busy, digitally connected lives, KFit is fundamentally fuelling growth in the fitness industry for the benefit of all, including existing gyms and fitness studios,” says Jaye Raykos, General Manager KFit ANZ.

The KFit teams’ main focus is to introduce interesting and innovative features to continuously improve the user experience, while local business development teams are recruiting more and more partners in the cities KFit is operating.

Across Australia and New Zealand alone, there are already over 1,000 fitness studios, gyms and facilities to choose from. Options range from the more traditional – yoga, Pilates, boxing and Zumba – to the adventurous such as rock climbing and rap jumping. Membership also provides access to fun leisure activities including laser tag and bowling.

“Because KFit is so easy and presents such a flexible approach to fitness, it is more likely that new clients will come to us. No phone call, no trial week, no induction and potential newcomers are not locked in at all. We’ve also found that if people enjoy our classes, they can sign up to us directly. It’s great to generate qualified leads,” says Rod Brooks, Director, Vibrabody (KFit partner).

Website: www.kfit.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KFitaustralia

About KFit

KFit launched in April 2015 with the strong backing of venture capitalists and angel investors. It is currently rapidly expanding to more than 10 cities in seven countries under an experienced management team led by high-profile entrepreneur Joel Neoh.

Already operating in several countries worldwide, KFit seamlessly connects consumers and fitness businesses. It gives people more ways to stay healthy and keep fit, creating new business opportunities for gyms, studios and other fitness providers. An emerging leader in the new sharing economy, KFit allows subscribers to access a huge variety of classes and activities each month. It helps make fitness more accessible, flexible and fun – contributing to a healthier Australia.

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