An Introducktion to cooking has never been so easy


Duck is commonly misunderstood as difficult to cook or tricky to pair with other foods, disregarding it as the meat of choice for a home cooked meal. Australia’s leading duck producer Luv-a-Duck are now offering an “introducktion” to cooking duck that dispels these myths, showing home cooks just how easy the meat is to use.

If you can roast a chook then you’ll be surprised to know roasting a duck is easier, and if you can cook a steak then guess what? You know how to cook duck too.

If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, Luv-a-Duck have developed a series of easy to follow videos to guide you through ducks most complementary flavour pairings, how to use duck in four quick ways and simple cooking techniques to be tried at home.

Showcasing the simplicity of delicious home cooked duck, Introducktions will take curious cooks through a diverse range of dishes you might have only eaten at restaurants, impressing dinner guests and broadening your culinary repertoire.

Learn just how versatile duck is as you create sticky BBQ duck sliders, packing flavour into every bite or serve up a tender Thai red duck curry, using simple steps. Recipes can be found on the Luv-a-Duck website to begin creating the most delectable duck dishes from home.

Reducing prep time and minimising fuss, Luv-a-Duck’s Australian grown duck is available in packaged portions marinated in a range of perfect flavour pairings, including roast duck legs, smoked flavoured duck breast, peking flavoured duck breast and leg; or create your own flavour pairings with fresh duck breast or whole duck.

Make the introducktion to delicious today at

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About Luv-a-Duck:

From the heart of the Victorian Wimmera, Luv-a-Duck was founded in 1968 when Arthur Shoppee grew a few ducks in his backyard for his family to enjoy. After discovering a market for duck meat in Australia, he spent the next 30 years travelling the world learning all there was to know about duck farming and developed what is now one of Australia’s leading duck producing companies, Luv-a-Duck.

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