Industries We Work With

Innovation and New Business Start Up PR

Australia is building a reputation for creating successful new businesses, small business and start-ups so it should come as no surprise that the Australian Government recently announced its innovation statement which will inspire many more young entrepreneurs to get their ideas off the ground. Read More

Arts & Books PR

Arts and books PR is one of our agency’s core competencies and we have worked with numerous clients in the this space including Multicultural Arts Victoria, Orchestra Victoria, Australian Book Review and many more. Read More

Cosmetic & Beauty PR

We have vast experience generating media coverage and engaging influencers within the beauty industry and our health and beauty PR clients have included salons, spas, retreats, products, health & wellbeing programs and dermatology & cosmetic clinics. Read More

Hospitality PR

We have extensive experience in restaurant public relations and the hospitality PR sector more generally. We have worked across everything from restaurant openings to product launches. Read More

Travel & Tourism PR

We have extensive experience in tourism marketing particularly with regards to travel public relations. From the launch phase to the ongoing communications strategy, we deliver campaigns that raise a brand’s public profile through media exposure. Read More

Not-for-Profit PR

As a charity public relations specialist, we have a long history of generating public relations campaigns for not–for-profits and benevolent organisations. These include national and state-based not-for-profits aligned with medical research, clinical treatment, environmental responsibility, public education and direct assistance. Read More

Sports PR

We handle the sports PR requirements for the Eureka Tower Climb, Stadium Stomp, Kokoda Challenge, Medibank Wave Warriors and the Navy Australian Surf Rowers League events and have amassed a wealth of experience generating media coverage, engaging influencers and maximising sponsorship across some of Australia’s most unique sporting events. Read More