Garage Sale Trail – now over one massive weekend!


Garage Sale Trail, the multi-award winning sustainability and community campaign powered by over 150 local councils, is back again for its first ever two-day event, held on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 October 2017.


Households, community groups, charities, local businesses and schools across Australia are set to join an estimated 350,000+ Australians as a part of the seventh annual Garage Sale Trail.


Aimed at bringing communities together and promoting reuse, Garage Sale Trail has set two major goals for 2017: to see 2 million items listed for reuse over the weekend event, and enable 120,000 new neighbourly connections Australia-wide.


“Garage Sale Trail helps people to think about how we can all take responsibility for the waste we create. Items that are reused don’t end up in council collections or in landfill. It’s also a simple way for people to meet and talk to people in their community, as well as fundraise,” said Andrew Valder, co-founder of Garage Sale Trail.
The initiative, run by Australian not-for-profit Garage Sale Trail Foundation, exists to create positive social and environmental change in communities across Australia. The idea was born in Bondi Beach in 2010, and has since grown into a highly-anticipated, annual national movement.


“Good for the planet and good for the community too! We love the creative spirit and colour that sellers bring to their sale names and the unexpected items on offer. Past examples include a vintage tractor, miniature goats, a beachside apartment and even a couple of grandpas – it’s all part of the fun!” said Darryl Nichols, Garage Sale Trail co-founder.



  • 10,000+ forecast garage sales and stalls nationally
  • 350 000+ participants expected nationally
  • 2 million items projected to be listed nationally
  • 120,000 new neighborly connections forged across Australia

Registration is free and open from 10 August 2017 via

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