David Lee Pereira encourages Melbourne businesses to donate their walls in support of gay marriage


Apparition Media artist David Lee Pereira calls all Rainbow Warriors and Melbourne businesses to paint their walls rainbow ahead of the gay marriage postal plebiscite.

Melbourne businesses have donated their walls to Apparition Media artist and Rainbow Warrior David Lee Pereira, to be painted rainbow in support of a ‘yes’ vote for the gay marriage postal plebiscite.

David put out a call on Facebook to paint a campaign for a yes vote, and was met with the support of Melbourne businesses to join the campaign for a yes vote in support of equal rights. As a result, Apparition Media artists and members of the wider community are donating their weekends to paint Melbourne’s donated walls in rainbow.

The plebiscite will be sent out on September 12th, so the volunteer campaign aims to push the community to take the vote seriously, and prompt parliament to step forward in joining the rest of the world in support of gay marriage, and equality for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Rainbow Warrior campaign murals have been painted at Melbourne Central’s Knox Lane, Fitzroy’s Kent Street Bar and Fitzroy North’s Juddy Roller studios.

The Victorian Aids Council have donated a two-storey building to be painted on September 9, and David is in the process of finalising dates to paint concrete bollards in the CBD, a wall along Maribyrnong’s Hampstead Road, and a wall in Richmond.

More locations will be painted over the coming month.

About David Lee Pereira

Finding the balance between the masculine and the feminine, David Lee Pereira’s work gives voice to the subtleties of human emotion. As a queer-identifying, Melbourne-born artist with a Euro-Asian heritage, David uses motifs from his past alongside binary elements to illustrate the blossoming growth that can be achieved through harmony from within.

David Lee Pereira’s exhibitions have focused on themes relating to sexuality, identity, mental health and gender. His passion for advocacy also comes through his career working with people living with HIV in 2015 and 2016. David’s midsummer exhibition RED MEET aimed to remove stigma by illuminating the beauty of PLWHIV through portraiture containing HIV positive blood.

David is currently working out of Juddy Roller studios in Melbourne’s Fitzroy North.

About Apparition Media

Apparition Media is an outdoor advertising agency and art studio that produce high-quality, hand-painted murals. The team create a link between urban, street-art culture and companies wanting to harness their wares.  By hand painting works of art onto the walls of pre-existing buildings Apparition Media create advertising that becomes part of the streetscape and present brands in such a way that their authenticity and credibility with the urban population is enhanced.

For more: https://vimeo.com/145932847 and http://www.apparitionmedia.com.au/

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