ABR September Issue Highlights


Highlights of the September issue include:

  • Review of the Month – author and academic  Clare Corbould  reviews a new literary biography of Harper Lee’s classic character, Atticus Finch.
  • Biographer and memoirist Brenda Niall reviews Loving Words, a collection of love letters between the original Australian literary power couple Vance and Nettie Palmer, edited by Deborah Jordan
  • Gideon Haigh reviews great US journalist Seymour Hersh’s memoir of his distinguished and controversial career including the revelations about atrocities at My Lai and Abu Ghraib
  • Stephen Mills – Academic, author, and former speechwriter to Bob Hawke – reviews former New South Wales Premier Bob Carr’s episodic new political memoir
  • From the ABR Archive – we revisit ABR Editor Peter Rose’s 2001 review of Jacqueline Kent’s biography of legendary Australian editor Beatrice Davis, A Certain Style, to coincide with the publication of a new edition from New South
  • Also in the issue, Kerryn Goldsworthy on Nadia Wheatley’s memoir of her mother, Michael Shmith on journalist Les Hinton’s memoir, Astrid Edwards on a compelling study of the ‘Dunera boys’, Marguerite Johnson on dying well, Beejay Silcox on Michael Ondaatje’s new novel, Anthony Lynch on Robert Drewe’s new short story collection, Suzanne Falkiner on Ruby J. Murray, Johanna Leggatt on Stephanie Bishop, Susan Varga on Suniti Namjoshi, new poems from Ali Cobby Eckermann and Duncan Hose, and an interview with author Ryan O’Neill.
  • ABR Arts – we review music, theatre, art, and film including: Peter Tregear on West Side Story, Anwen Crawford on BlacKkKlansman, Keren Rosa Hammershlag on John Russell, John Carmody on Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, Tim Byrne on Scaramouche Jones Peter Craven on Julius Caesar Barnaby Smith on The Wife Zoltàn Szabó on Mahler Six

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