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Welcome to our much-anticipated December issue!
• Books of the Year – more than forty senior literary players (writers,
critics, broadcasters, booksellers) nominate their outstanding books
of 2016. Read what the likes of James Bradley, Sarah Holland-Batt,
Geraldine Doogue, and Peter Craven loved reading this year.
• Publisher Picks – for the first time, we have asked a dozen major
publishers to nominate 2016 books they especially admired issued
by other publishing houses. They include Phillipa McGuinness,
Michael Heyward, and Aviva Tuffield.
• Paul Genoni on George Johnston and Charmian Clift’s time on the
Greek island of Hydra where, with Sidney and Cynthia Nolan and
Cedric and Pat Flower, they started a community of expatriate artists
and writers that continues to this day. Leonard Cohen, a member of
this ‘foreign “colony”’, reflected on the ‘glorious setting at Hydra’ and
a time when ‘everyone was beautiful and young and full of talent and
covered with a kind of gold dust’.
• Peter Craven reviews Tim Winton’s ‘rich and brilliant’ essay
collection The Boy Behind the Curtain and finds a ‘dazzling’ selfportrait
that will ‘bring out the dormant greenie in anyone’.
• Fiona Gruber reviews Fair Game, Steve Cannane’s investigation into
the history of Scientology in Australia
• Philosopher and author Peter Singer is our Open Page guest
• We review new fiction from Paul Beatty, Melina Marchetta,
Margaret Drabble, Michelle Cahill, Cristina Sánchez-Andrade,
Michael Chabon, Anthony Macris, and Annabel Abbs

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