ABR April issue highlights


The April issue is the 400th to appear in ABR’s second series – a milestone for the magazine

  • Review of the Month – David Brophys powerful review of Clive Hamilton’s controversial new book about China’s influence on Australia appears in print. Read it online here.
  • Beejay Silcoxs  first article as the ABR 40th Birthday Fellow – an engaging in-depth look at Australian magazine culture featuring interviews with several leading editors.
  • The 2018 Calibre Prize winning essay ‘We Three Hundred’ by Lucas Grainger-Brown. Brown receives $5,000 for his essay, a candid and unsentimental account of life as a cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra for a bookish, idealistic adolescent straight out of high school.
  •  Neal Blewett  continues his suite of major review-essays on Australian prime ministers with an examination of the first volume of Kevin Rudd’s aptly-titled memoirs, Not For the Faint-Hearted
  •  Felicity Plunkett reviews the first volume of Sylvia Plath’s letters
  • Kim Mahood explores Billy Griffiths’s fascinating history of Archaology in Australia, Deep Time Dreaming
  •  Barbara Keys reviews a sympathetic new biography of Mikhail Gorbachev the last leader of the USSR
  • Also in the issue – Ian Donaldson on an exhaustive new biography of Pierre Ryckmans (Simon Leys), a personal essay from novelist  Andrea  Goldsmith on journeying, ambition and mortality, James Walter on John Curtin, Kerr yn Goldsworthy on Gail Jones’s new novel, Brian Matthews on Rodney Hall’s return to fiction, plus interviews with publisher Nathan Hollier and author Sarah Sentilles
  • ABR Arts – we review music, theatre, art, and film including: Barnaby Smith on Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow (Roadshow) Harry Windsor on A Fantastic Woman (Sony) Morag Fraser on The Lady and the Unicorn (AGNSW ) Michael Halliwell on Brett Dean’s Hamlet (Adelaide Festival) Ben Brooker on Thyestes (The Hayloft Project) Sophie Knezic on Hilarie Mais (TarraWarra) Susan Lever on Antony and Cleopatra (Bell Shakespeare)

Read all these reviews, and more, via ABR Arts

Australian Book Review turns forty

Australian Book Review – one of the country’s leading cultural magazines – celebrates its fortieth birthday in 2018. The magazine was revived in 1978 after a first series that closed in 1974. The 400th issue in April con- tains several features highlighting ABR’s achievements, contributions, and opportunities as well as a special announcement regarding increased payments to wr

Peter Rose – long-serving Editor of ABR – commented: ‘To mark its birthday, ABR is pleased to announce that our base rate of payment for reviews has increased by ten per cent to $55 per 100 words. Since 2013 the base rate has trebled, at a time of shrinkage or stagnation elsewhere. Furthermore, we are intent on paying writ- ers $75 per 100 words in future. ABR’s many Patrons are responsible for this increase, along with rising sub- scription revenue and admirable support from government. With their continuing support, we look forward to paying our writers even better and to diversifying our programs.’

Highlights of ABR’s 40th birthday

  • Increased payments to writers
  • Beejay Silcox is the ABR Fortieth Birthday Fellow
  • 400th issue of the magazine in April 2018
  • Special features noting the magazine’s milestone
  • Three international literary prizes worth $28,500
  • More commentary and Op.Ed. pieces
  • Expansion of ABR’s influential arts coverage
  • ABR German tour in June 2018


More information about Australian Book Review can be found on the  ABR website.

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