Progressive PR & Communications is a Melbourne-based PR and communications agency that works with clients to deliver innovative campaigns designed to impact behaviour and deliver tangible outcomes for stakeholders.

We have experience across a range of industries including consumer products, tourism, hospitality, government, not-for-profit and the arts.

We are exceptional at delivering grassroots PR campaigns and are experts at media relations. In the changing media landscape, we work with partners to develop branded content, deliver influencer outreach and engage digital media.

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We have helped clients crowdfund, bring awareness to climate change, protect animals, reuse and recycle, encourage children to read, protect people from violence and champion eating properly and playing safely.

We have delivered rapid support to families in need, planned gala dinners in less than four weeks, eaten Ethiopian, French, Japanese and chicken parmas.

We have managed PR for walks, runs, bike rides and even row boats! We have scaled tall buildings in a single bound, ice skated, walked tight ropes, mountain biked, sled dogged and climbed 89 flights of stairs.

We are adept at delivering PR campaigns that have a national focus and feature multiple stakeholders such as sponsors, media partners and local councils.

We are an agency that innovates and collaborates with partners, working with creative and advertising agencies as well as media groups to deliver clever campaigns that resonate with target markets and media.

We are passionate about our clients’ businesses and we pride ourselves on the relationships that we build. We are part of their team in every sense of the word and we work to amplify their brands and grow their awareness.

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