More Than 6 Million Australians Regularly Drink To Get Drunk


Georgia Foster’s Drink Less in 7 Days helps you take control of your drinking without cutting it out entirely

Australians are known the world over for their laidback approach to life, endless summer barbeques, golden tans, long sunny days on the beach and a thirst for all things sport. However, behind this friendly cultural façade lies one of our nation’s most prevalent public health challenges: Excessive Drinking. The excessive consumption of alcohol has been the source of public health warnings since the mid-seventies, contributing to our staggering road toll, domestic, social and sexual violence, mental health issues, liver and other organ damage, cancer and alcohol addiction. Despite this, alcohol remains an inherent part of our day to day lives, including milestones, social customs and rituals.

Some alarming statistics:

  • Apparent alcohol consumption rose for the first time in nine years in 2016[1]
  • Nearly 1 in 4 Australian women aged between 35 and 59 drinks excessively to dangerous levels[2]
  • 45% of Australian drinkers regularly drink with the intention of getting drunk[3]
  • Alcohol related hospital admissions for women increased 55% in Victoria in the decade to end of 2015[4]

These findings have prompted well-being professionals to look to new ways to ensure that Australians can consume alcohol in a safe manner. Georgia Foster, world renowned clinical hypnotherapist and best-selling author has pioneered a new approach to problem drinking that uses innovative techniques aimed at significantly reducing alcohol consumption, rather than cutting it out completely – to give readers control over their drinking habits in just seven days.

Georgia Foster’s Drink Less in 7 Days program invites readers to discover what motivates them to drink, and how to break this habitual behaviour – allowing them to truly enjoy a drink or two when they choose – without the regret the next day. The Drink Less in 7 Days book empowers readers to snatch back control of their drinking.

According to the Annual Alcohol Poll conducted by the Federation for Alcohol Research and Education, more than 45% of Australian drinkers regularly drink with the intention of getting drunk – up from 35% in 2011 and representing almost 6 million Australians. Although the number of Australians drinking has not increased significantly, the volume of alcohol being consumed by Australians has steadily increased.

Women aged between 35 and 59 are some of the most problematic drinkers with 1 in 4 drinking to dangerous levels on a regular basis, often putting themselves as well as their friends, colleagues and families at risk.

As alcohol consumption increases, the need for innovative approaches to reducing the negative impacts of drinking in Australia has become more important. Georgia Foster’s DRINK, LESS, MIND program has helped thousands of people worldwide to reduce their alcohol consumption with 95% of attendees recording a reduction in their alcohol consumption. This program has now been adapted to book format in Georgia Foster’s Drink Less in 7 Days.

About Georgia Foster:

Georgia Foster is a renowned Australian hypnotherapist, author, international speaker and creator of life changing programs. Her work covers many areas including assisting people in reducing their drinking habits, quitting smoking, weight loss, boosting self-esteem and more recently, in reducing anxiety levels. Georgia’s programs have seen much success and have been featured heavily among the media.

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