Gathering of Kindness – instilling a culture of kindness throughout the healthcare system


Today’s healthcare workers are more stressed than ever, with the system focused on measuring outcomes in dollar terms rather than patient health outcomes. Longer shifts and more stressed health workers, less emphasis on the necessary human values and interaction, is all creating an environment that is not conducive to creating a space where people can heal and recover.


The Gathering of Kindness 2017, from Monday 30 October to Friday 3 November, aims to build and nurture a culture of kindness throughout the healthcare system. The evidence is clear – there is a direct relationship between staff wellbeing and patient experience.


The Gathering of Kindness 2017 follows on from the inaugural and sold out 2016 event.


The Gathering of Kindness is a meeting of health care workers from all layers of the system along with academics, researchers, authors, patients, their families and people from all walks of life designed to connect those interested in making the healthcare system a better place to work and a better place for patients.


The Gathering will change the conversation to talk about akind’ health system and how we may get there.


“Kindness does three vital things. Kindness makes best use of your team, kindness brings the safest environment and kindness creates unexpected wonderful moments of joy,” says Dr Catherine Crock AM creator of the Hush Foundation and the Gathering of Kindness.


There’s an article by Dr Catherine Crock AM here that talks about why kindness is important:


Read the summary of the 2016 Gathering of Kindness here:


The 2017 Gathering of Kindness highlights are:

(NB – not all events are open to the public but all are available for media to attend on request)


Monday 30 October

  • World Premiere of What Matters by renowned Australian playwright, Alan Hopgood at 9am North East Health, Wangaratta


Tuesday 31 October

  • Kindness Play 9-10am – Monash Medical Centre
  • Book launches – 10am -11am Monash Medical Centre
  • Beyond the Stethoscope by Lucy Mayes
  • Gathering of Kindness anthology compiled by Michelle Phillips
  • Dr Lorraine Dickey
  • Launch Of Monash Health – Monash Care Strategy


Wednesday 1 November Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre – ‘Breaking Rules for Kindness’

  • What Matters play – at 2.15pm at Peter Mac
  • By renowned Australian playwright, Alan Hopgood AM
  • Dr Lorraine Dickey and Vivien Foulke Narrative Initiative – Harnessing the power of kindness


Thursday 2 November

  • Communicating with Kindness – 2-3pm at Monash Medical Centre
  • Karen Morrison, Educator presenting on WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING – Dandenong


Friday 3 November Gathering of Kindness – Patient Experience Forum at The Peninsula, Docklands – Keynote day, media welcome to attend

(Times may vary slightly on the day)

  • Shared experience, different models from 9.25am – 10.05am
    • Assoc Prof Michael Greco, Mike Farrar (former chief executive of NHS Confederation) , Rosamond Roughton Director of NHS Commisioning
  • Understanding the story from 11.15am – 12.45pm
    • Dr Lorraine Dickey
  • Hush Volume 10 from 1.30pm – 1.45pm
    • Slava and Leonard Grigorian perform classical guitar selections from Hush Volume 10: Songs with Strings used in hospitals around Australia with Sidewalk Tango dancers
  • Story telling from 1.45pm – 2.45pm
    • Dr Richard Mayes, the dancing doctor
    • Rachel Callender, super power babies
  • Dr Katie Moore, humanity and kindness in professional relationships and promoting kindness in medical education to guard against mental ill health in our junior doctors


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Event details

Gathering of Kindness 2017

Monday 30 October to Friday 3 November, 2017

Various locations

For more information and to register –


Gathering of Kindness 2017 is proudly supported by: VMIA, Safer Care Victoria, Monash Health and Hush Foundation.


About The Hush Foundation

The Hush Foundation was established in 2000 by highly awarded and renowned physician, Dr. Catherine Crock AM,  in response to her work with children undergoing painful medical procedures at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.


Working to improve pain relief for these young patients, Dr. Crock sought to reduce the stress and anxiety felt by patients, families and staff.


With three theatrical plays about healthcare, fifteen musical albums and a children’s book, the ways in which Hush works to engage their audience and supporters continues to grow.


As does their influence in changing a system at the centre of the human experience – healthcare.

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