3 Minute Anxiety Fix helping Aussies get a handle on their stress


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, anxiety is the most common mental health issue among Australians, with 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men experiencing the illness at some stage in their lives[1].  As the year draws to a close and the silly season begins, the pressures of a busy modern life begin to intensify, causing anxiety and other mental health issues to bubble to the surface.

Anxiety, like most illnesses, can range from mild right through to debilitating, yet there are very few established methods of relief outside of the pharmaceutical realm.

Author, hypnotist and the brains behind the internationally successful Drink Less Mind, Georgia Foster has developed the 3 Minute Anxiety Fix to provide a simple and effective way to reduce anxiety levels and help those suffering from the illness to lead more enjoyable lives.

According to Georgia Foster, she developed the program in conjunction with her sister Virginia Alexandra, who is a trained opera singer and breathing expert, with the idea of combining a series of exercises that are known to create calm and inner peace during times of high anxiety.

“Everything you need to do has been put into this program so you can enjoy healthier and more supportive thoughts, emotionally and physically to achieve a greater everyday calm.

“We have taken a multi-disciplined approach in one manageable program – Breath work with mind calming techinques that train the mind and body to enjoy life now more and trust in the future,” said Foster

The 3 Minute Anxiety Fix is a fast and easily accessible method of coping with anxiety that can be accomplished privately. The program, which can be purchased, downloaded and accessed online anywhere in the world, combines unique breathing and psychological exercises that have shown to reduce anxiety in just three minutes per session.

Ongoing stressful events are among the main causes of anxiety and are accentuated by the events surrounding the Christmas period[2]. Pressures such as high stress jobs, financial hardship, family and relationship problems and changes in living arrangements are common issues that result in feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness during the summer months. Many Australians find these pressures unavoidable in modern society which has resulted in Australia ranking among the highest in the World and in the Western Pacific Region in rates of anxiety[3].

The 3 Minute Anxiety Fix includes:

  • Three life changing talks
  • Three powerful self-hypnosis recordings
  • Six three-minute breathing techniques shown change the chemistry of the brain
  • The Stress Less Mind eBook and mp3 recording

About Georgia Foster

Georgia Foster is a renowned Australian hypnotherapist, author, international speaker and creator of life changing programs. Her work covers many areas including assisting people in reducing their drinking habits, quitting smoking weight loss, boosting self-esteem and more recently, in reducing anxiety levels. Georgia’s programs have seen much success and have been featured heavily among the media.

About Virginia Alexandra

Virginia Alexandra is a trained opera singer, Breathing Expert, Spiritual teacher and Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  She has helped many people overcome a myriad of issues, including grief, relationships problems, repetitive mental patterns and anxiety.  She has taught internationally, including United Kingdom and India.


Georgia and Virginia are happy to offer media trials of the 3 Minute Anxiety Fix program and is available for expert comment.


For more information about Georgia Foster or her programs, visit: https://www.georgiafoster.com/

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