M.A.D.E presents Political T’s 5 Feb – 10 April 2016


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Political T’s – an exhibition of iconic T-shirts and images featuring graphics and words as a wearable form of political communication and the stories behind the T-shirts that make them come alive.

Since the 1960’s the humble T-shirt has become a common vehicle for self-expression as a wearable placard.

This unique exhibition presents historical, controversial and humorous T-shirts, the stories of their wearers and creators, and examples from around the world of T-shirts that have made a difference.

Links between politics, consumer culture, promotional culture and popular culture are showcased; Political T’s are where fashion and political engagement can meet.

In the words of Billy Bragg, ‘The revolution is just a T shirt away’1.

The Political T-shirt remains an important vehicle for communication in the digital age as wearable statements of preference.

M.A.D.E’s Director, Jane Smith, said “T-shirts play an important role in protest and activism, fighting injustice and commenting on contemporary political issues”.

Model, activist and House of Riot founder, Ollie Henderson said “The persuasive nature of fashion is often dismissed, yet it is one of our most visible tools for communication. Protest t-shirts provide accessibility to activism and can enrich the visual voice of a movement.


Friday 5 February – Sunday 10 April, 2016

Open 10 am – 5 pm, seven days


M.A.D.E – Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka

102 Stawell Street, South Ballarat


Ballarat Locals free:

Adult $12, Children 6-15 $8, U5 free


More information: www.made.org/whats-on/

Ollie Henderson’s House of Riot T-shirt

1Billy Bragg, Waiting for The Great Leap Forwards, 1988

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